Meniett® Therapy for Ménière’s Disease

Restore Life's Balance™

Special Announcement: Kebomed Acquires Meniett Device.
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Ménière’s disease is a complex inner ear disorder that can be frustrating and disabling. Medtronic offers Meniett® therapy: a safe, simple, and effective treatment for the dizziness and vertigo symptoms of Ménière’s disease.* Meniett therapy helps many patients control their Ménière’s disease and get back to enjoying life. 

Key Facts about Meniett Therapy for Ménière’s Disease:

  • Developed and tested over nearly 30 years of research
  • Safe and minimally invasive Ménière’s disease treatment
  • Easy to do just about anywhere for a few minutes each day
  • May help some patients avoid surgical or destructive treatments